Master Paul Irvin, President of the UTF

Master Paul Irvin first learned of martial arts in the late 1950s by studying a book with his twin sister that an Army Instructor cousin of theirs had written for the Korean War.  In 1967 he began training in a martial arts club in college under some students of Jhoon Rhee.  He began formal Taekwon-do training with Master Han Cha Kyo in 1972.  In 1974 as Dan I he began helping with the teaching of handicapped children, teaching after-school programs, and with developing the Iso-Trim and Dyna-Strike devices for training and health maintenance.  1976 – Dan II.  1980 – Dan III.  1981-1996 served as Secretary General of the Universal Taekwon-do Federation.  1984 – Dan IV, and named assistant to Master Han Cha Kyo.  1990 – Dan V.  In 1995 was sent by Grandmaster Han Cha Kyo to Malaysia to celebrate 26th anniversary of member school of Peter Lim Hok Han; participated in demonstrations, gave several seminars and met with various government officials in Kluang.  In 1996 he promoted to Dan VI and Master level by Grandmaster Han Cha Kyo in ceremony performed by Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi, and was appointed with Dr. James Langlas as co-leaders of the UTF.  2003 – Dan VII.  2012 – Dan VIII.  He presently teaches in Portland OR and continues to write major articles about the major principles underlying developing the body, mind, and spirit.