Color Belt Tests

UTF Portland  Color Belt Tests are generally scheduled once a quarter at various sites and locations. Below are the expectations for students planning to test. If you or your child are considering testing, we recommend discussing this with the site  instructor. 


When students test for a new rank, they not only set goals to advance in the Art; they are also asking their seniors for more responsibility. Taekwon-Do tests are not easy, and test takers inevitably show their power, perseverance, indomitable spirit, and their willingness to help make their community—and ultimately the world—a better place in which to live!

Students who are taking the test can expect to do the following:

Patterns: Perform all  of the patterns required for their current rank (white belt to their highest pattern),  to the best of their ability

Sparring:  Show new and developing skills  in sparring  (yellow stripes and above)  by performing one-step and free sparring. 

Self-defense: Show confidence in using  realistic and appropriate self-defense skills in a variety of situations. Skills include using verbal techniques and yelling, running and various physical skills and techniques. 

Board Breaking:   Break  wooden boards with appropriate techniques (yellow stripes and above).  Techniques are decided and/or approved by the judges.  

Tenets:  Show knowledge of the tenets. Students testing for yellow stripe and above are expected to know all seven tenets. Depending on the age and rank of the student, they maybe asked to share their unique understanding and knowledge of one or more tenets. 

Terminology and Knowledge:  Students may also be asked questions about their patterns and training. These questions are are designed to enhance self-discovery and understanding.

Be Prepared and Ready: Please know you are expected to do whatever the judges ask of you at any UTF test!

Uniform and Belt: If you have a uniform, it should be clean and wrinkle free. All students must wear their current belt and have their belt tied correctly.

Forms and Fees:  All students must fill out a testing form. The fee for testing is $25.00 (Yellow Stripes and above). White belt tests are free. Please talk to the instructor, if your family has financial needs.

If a student is  unsure about whether or not they  are ready to test,  we strongly recommend that they ask an instructor or  senior student…we are always ready to help you! 

If you are a new student, or if you are not testing, PLEASE COME to the test. This is part of  your commitment to community service and shows that you support other students in our community.Additionally,  you  learn from participating or watching  a test,  which helps to prepare you for the challenges you may face as you rise through the ranks.

Family and friends are always welcome to support, cheer and take photos. 

For further questions, please contact the site instructor. 

For Black Belt test requirements, click here. 

Photos from past color belt tests!