Belt System

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WHITE BELT: means innocence; a beginner who knows little about Taekwon-Do, but s willing to try it out.

YELLOW BELT: signifies the Earth into which a seed has been planted and starts to grow.

GREEN: is the stem of the plant which is growing from the earth. The student’s skills begin to develop.

BLUE: means the plant is growing towards the sky, becoming a very tall tree.

RED: means danger, reminding the student to make good choices, and the opponent to stay away.

[There are stripes in between each color belt, which s a full level of rank.]

BLACK: The opposite of white.  The wearer has “crossed over” and is an expert in the art of Taekwon-Do. Black belts are expected to teach the art to others. It also means that the person can live and survive in the darkness, and defies fear.

There are nine levels of black belt. The levels are called “dans” or “degrees.” There is a very large amount of time and work that Black Belts put in between dans. The rank is usually shown on the belt in Roman numerals, with the wearer’s name (in Korean and English) on it.


Dans I – III: Novice

Dans IV – VI: Instructor Level

Dans VII & VIII: Master

Dan IX: Grandmaster

Explanations of all belt patterns, from Yellow Stripe through III Dan